People’s champ A.D DJ is a young and hardworking radio, club and event DJ. Known for always getting the work done and making his audience crown him a champion behind the decks.

Also know by others as Adom Samuel Opoku, has always been involved with music and was no surprise when he decided to be a DJ. In his primary school days through to his secondary school days, he was always where the music was. His deejay career started during the last few months in this senior high school, St Augustine’s College in Cape Coast. Following completion, he entered the University of Ghana and read Psychology and Adult education. He somehow managed to school and pursue his DJ career together.

In 2014, he participated in the first edition of the YFM campus DJ competition won and as his reward, got a seat with the big DJs like Killer Fingers, DJ Mic Smith Vision and others on the station. A.D DJ has been very instrumental and has been with YFM to date, mainly playing on the Y Campus Express show initially with host Joel Orleans and Later Rev Erskine, Urban Africana with Official Kwame and the MMRS with the RavinKingz.

As a campus DJ, A.D DJ played for most top campus events be it Hall weeks, Club Parties, House parties and even drink Ups. He also organized annual club parties, which added to his fame as one of the top campus DJs if not only during his time.  He has nominated for a lot of campus awards and other nationwide ones too.

His nightlife has been no different, even before radio A.D DJ was involved with clubs like Club 45 and Friday friend. In 2015 he played at the Famous Berla Roma nightclub alongside DJ Kess on Fridays. Between 2015 and 2016 he featured in almost all the top clubs in Accra and annually being invited to Kumasi to play for top club events during the Repu hall weeks in KNUST. Currently, he plays at Plot 7 Night Club on Fridays alongside FrenchKiss DJ.

Over the years, A.D DJ has made waves with his mixes. He released the “I LOVE COLLEGE” mix, which was geared towards promoting young, good and underground artists on campus. In 2017 he came up with “RAVINKINGZ” mix with he dropped monthly

In early 2017, People’s champ A.D DJ featured on Stonebwoy’s Nationwide Campus tour as his main DJ on their trips to Umat in Tarkwa, UCC in Cape, GIMPA and others, where he performed phenomenally and won the hearts of everyone on the BHIM Nation team.

He is currently aiming at becoming a household know and brand and moving into the production of music in a few years to come.

    Level Up, Yzz Up

    The Yzz Up and Level Up campaign, an initiative of YFM Ghana started as an intensive and educational journey/campaign on all matters concerning the Coronavirus disease; what it is, its implication and measures to safeguard one from it.

    Another main aim of the Yzz Up campaign is to teach the general public the proper way of wearing the masks i.e., to cover both the nose and the mouth, to push/ sensitize the general public on the various safety measures there are to help fight the virus and also to debunk all misinformation, myths and misconceptions of the Coronavirus.

    With each station in the Y Triangle handling various topics every day, the Yzz Up campaign also seeks to clear the air on fears and myths expressed by the general public concerning the Covid-19 vaccine. In as much as the campaign is to educate the general public, each station has special segments that allow their listeners to phone in and share their experiences since Covid19 entered the shores of Ghana and also the challenges of adapting to a new normal.

    The Yzz Up campaign not only seeks to reach out to its listeners but also to reach out to students who have one way or another found their way to campus. To make the educational journey fun and engaging, regular listeners stand the chance of winning amazing prizes for tuning in to the Yzz Up drama series.