Lunchtime on weekdays doesn’t get any better on radio than #ShoutsOnY. Experience a unique early afternoon Radio showdown in the capital, with Winston Micheals as host and Quarps Hansen as DJ. All kinds of segments designed to entertain and inform listeners, mixed with great music, have been put together to take anyone listening seamlessly through their lunchtime as the day draws closer to an end from noon onwards! To top all this, there are frequent giveaways on the show that rewards YFM’s loyal listeners.

Y Campus Express is a 3-hour show specifically made for the students. On YCE, they get to keep up with what’s happening on all the campuses in the country and are updated on brand new music, latest trends and cheats codes on how to survive the semester.

Here is a breakdown of segments on YCE.

The segments to look out for on #ShoutsOnY include:

  • Digi Trendz‘ where the entertainment news making rounds each weekday are run through and discussed.
  • Q Mix‘ is the stretch of music towards the end of the show that treats listeners to some of their music requests from earlier on the show, as well as a carefully curated mix of great tunes by Quarps Hansen.

Guests Interviewed

  • Amerado
  • Fantana
  • Ije Kimora
  • Sefa
  • Teni Entertainer
  • Matthew Mensah
  • Kelvyn Boy

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